5 Words that Will Make You Sound Smarter that Can be Used Everyday.

5 Words that You Can Start Using Now to Sound Smarter.

These words are sourced from the book 1,200 WORDS YOU SHOULD KNOW to Sound Smart by Robert W. Bly. This list here is comprised of some of our favorites based on ease of use in everyday situations we find ourselves in. Not only will you sound smarter, but these words will increase your intelligence as well.

1. Nostrum  (Nah-Strum), noun

– An ineffective solution that is a quick fix or band-aid, covering up a problem or masking its symptoms, but never addressing its root cause for a permanent fix.

“Some people consider the practice of western medicine to be a NOSTRUM since it does not target the cause of the ailment but is focused on relieving discomforts it causes.”

2. Purport (per-PORT), verb

– Claiming to be something you are not; pretending to do something you aren’t in fact doing.

“It’s best to not make an assumption, to do so would purport that you have all the facts.”

3. Augur (AW-ger), verb

– To predict or foretell the future.

“You might worry about things not going according to plan, yet remember on God can augur. So best to maintain optimistic as your worries may have no foundation whatsoever.”


4. Tyro (TIE-roh), noun

– A beginner or novice.

“Charles though a tyro has met the expectations kept for those in the field of two years.”


If you’ve found yourself enjoying those words so far, wait till you listen to the Word of the Day Podcast by Jamie Silva, that is where this next word here was inspired by.


5. Impervious, adjective

–  Unable to be affected by.

“I am impervious to stressful situations.”


We hope you’ve enjoyed these words, and encourage you to read to continue keeping your mind sharp. Pick up a book!

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