Why Wanting Peace More Than Dealing With Confrontation is Actually Ruining Your Peace

You’re a nice person aren’t you?
If someone says or does something that you consider in a way disrespectful, do you keep your mouth shut?

Do you start to make excuses, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Telling yourself that they are usually nice and maybe they are just having a bad day?

Do you make their attitude acceptable and okay?
Might you actually be enabling them to continue with their actions that discomfort you?

Let’s see why you and your love for peace and avoidance of potential confrontation is only hurting your life more.

It does not matter how quickly you are able to move on from an incident.

Silence can also not be mistaken as a peaceful time, it is only silence. See it for what it is.

The simple fact that if you cannot express how you feel, is part proof that there is no peace.

So if there is already no peace, why should you be worried about disrupting something that is already non-existent?

Become the real peacemaker.

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