Why You Need to Be FILTHY RICH

Not a How to,

This is WHY Because a “WHY” is Stronger and Can be an Unstoppable Driving Force

Now Hop in The Drivers Seat!

Recently I read the book “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero were she talks about mastering the mindset of wealth. If you are not wealthy, I do recommend that book. If you are wealthy, I still recommend the read because as you know it’s important to keep your mindset strong.

How do you feel about money? Jen’s book dives into why we feel certain ways about it and why that is sabotaging our making of money. I’m here to emphasis what she has written about, and to expound the conversation.

But First I Need You To Scream as Loud as You Can “I LOVE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’ll explain..

If you don’t love money, why should it love you?

Money is a currency, and currency is a form of energy. If you’re not matching the energy of money, then you surely won’t attract it.

Sure you can still be poor and happy, but you need to be wealthy to be more of you! The more YOU that you are, wouldn’t the happier you would be? Who do you want to be? Can you afford who you are? I’m sure you’re expensive, you’re priceless baby!

I’m not going into the extent of just personal luxuries that we desire. How about your friend who is getting married, do you not want to give them the most bad ass gift? Well how are you going to do that if you’re broke.

You deserve to be wealthy and it is time to give yourself permission to be. I know you have been holding back, I sure have been, but not any longer.

I was raised on the thought that money is the root of all evil, and that has given me a negative connotation of it. Yet for my lack of questioning my own beliefs and further thinking, I would have realized that yes money is the root of all evil… THE LACK OF IT! Sure people who have money can use it for evil things as well, but it also has roots in good. This is biblical thinking and if you think of Job he was a man that Jehovah God called a blameless and upright man. He was also very wealthy, so if you think gaining wealth would affect your relationship spiritually. Think again! Would it not enable you to spend more time on the spiritual if it’s done correctly? This is why you need to be wealthy!

Jen in her book brings up the point of when there’s the conversation of money, people mention the joys of life such as watching a beautiful sunset, helping an old lady cross the street, spending time with family. But why do people act as if having money would make you unable to do these things? Again if it’s done right, you can do more of these things!

Money Will Allow You to Buy Out More Time For The Important Things

What would it do for your life if you didn’t have to wake up at 5am, head to the office skipping an extra hour of sleep, getting in a workout, meditating, having a breakfast with loved ones. How would your health be, your happiness? Would it not be greater? You’re more than a 9am-5pm. You’re a human with unlimited potential, and you can figure this out. You’ll have to work harder, but it will pay off. Just don’t lose the balance, keep what is important to you alive in your life. 

The making of money is looked down upon because people become so obsessed that they don’t allow time for anything else and once they have gained their wealth, they may regret not giving more time to other matters. You do not have to do it this way though. Find joy every day and get ready for more joy that is coming your way!

My current WHY is because I want to bring more good into this world. I want to help my family in old age who lacks a retirement fund be able to finally stop working a job that is killing them. I want to give bad ass gifts to people. I want to be able to take the vacations and expand my mind and understand other cultures. I love life and want to be able to enjoy all that it offers. Don’t you want that? It’s okay to want it, this doesn’t make you a bad person. 


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